Finance Made Simple

Lendcap was created to assist individuals and businesses compare their options in the lending market. Lending + capital = Lendcap. Established by financial advisor and CPA Kevin Leong, with over 10 years’ experience in the finance and accounting industry, Lendcap is passionate about providing personal, tailored and efficient solutions to meet your lending needs.

By providing us with some basic information about your individual or business needs, we can compare loans that best suit you and go to market to see who values your business most.

Our goal is to provide tailored, creative and efficient lending solutions so you can pursue your dreams. Financing should be simple, and we want to make it so.

Why choose us?

With a team driven by our passion for people, we understand how the industry works and how to get you the best deal.

We work to secure you the best loan possible from a large panel of lenders from the big four banks to second tier lenders and private equity firms.

You can trust us to do the hard work of sourcing the best option for you.

No initial credit checks. No drawn out applications. We work efficiently and effectively to help you achieve your goals.

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Why not go directly to banks?

This is an option, however it does not guarantee that your loan manager has the experience, the connections and the time to dedicate to finding you the best deal. Going directly to one bank also limits you to that banks policy and doesn’t give you access to the many opportunities available to secure funds for your business. 

At Lendcap, our role is to find the best solution for you. We work with you to understand your personal or business situation and financial needs. We then present you with three options, based on our experience and knowledge of the market, and support you to secure the best possible outcome.

Why are we different?

Based on years of experience, we have developed a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the main questions lenders ask. We then connect you with our network of financiers and present you with the three best options to suit your needs. Once you have chosen the option that is right for you, we support you to approach an experience financier who can ensure the best possible outcome for your loan application

Why are we different

What you can expect from us?

At Lendcap, we want to understand you, your needs, and your goals both as an individual and as a business. This is because we value people and we believe it should be simple to secure the money you need, so you can get on with building your dream. You can expect us to be efficient, to put your needs first and to fight for you.

We would like to be your trusted advisors to provide guidance through

  • Current financial market condition
  • The options that best suit your needs
  • Securing a loan


Australians have access to the capital they need to fulfil their business dreams.


To provide tailored, creative and efficient lending solutions for Australian businesses and entrepreneurs.